Amazon Germany Posts Listing For Switch Mini Accessory

Amazon Germany Posts Listing For Switch Mini Accessory

Previously, we reported that manufacturers and retailers from China and Spain appeared to be preparing accessories for the rumored Switch Mini. Now, it seems Germany is looking to get in on that action.

Amazon Germany has posted a new listing for a Switch Mini screen protector from a manufacturer called Kugi. As with other listings, no exact details such as dimensions are provided, suggesting that it may just be a placeholder.

Strangely, it seems that you can actually already order the product via the listing, and have it shipped to you within a week. Whether this is an indicator that an announcement will be happening soon, or just more placeholder info is up to interpretation.

As with all unconfirmed information, we implore all NintendoSoup readers to take all of this with a grain of skepticism. We’ll report back if anything develops from these suspicious findings.