Amazon UK limits SNES Classic to one per person

Amazon UK limits SNES Classic to one per person

In a valiant effort to stop scalpers from scalping the SNES Classic, Amazon UK has limited the SNES Classic to one unit per head. This was contrary to what they had done when they first opened preorders for the console but they quickly revised their stance.

In an email shown on NeoGAF by Blam:

Amazon UK has also accordingly reduced the number of units to one for those who have preordered multiple sets of the console and most likely releasing the extra units for others to get. Though at this point if you have not preordered your set already, it is currently out of stock on Amazon UK. Scalpers scalping limited production Nintendo Consoles for their own benefit is not new, we previously also reported that even European retailers are hard at work scalping. Amazon’s actions will be well received as a result.

SNES Classic launches 29 September 2017. North America and Europe/Japan designs will differ.

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