American Fugitive Coming To Switch 2019

American Fugitive Coming To Switch 2019

A new game is coming out to all consoles this year, and it looks like an intense throwback.

American Fugitive comes from Curve Digital and developers Fallen Tree Games.

It’s a new action open-world sandbox game all about revenge after being framed for murder.

Here’s the description of the game from the trailer.

Set in a sleepy American country town in the 1980s, American Fugitive invites you to play as Will Riley. You’re no angel, but you’re not a killer. Yet the cold-blooded murder of your dad is the crime they’ve locked you up for. Fueled by grief and a burning desire for vengeance, you must break out of jail to find the real culprit. It’s payback time. Through the fast-paced gameplay the player will discover the joy of top-down carnage with stunning 3D graphics and destructible environments, dramatic storytelling and epic car-chase mayhem.

How do you feel about this form of justice?

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