Animal Crossing: New Horizons Version 2.0.0 Update Now Available For Download

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Version 2.0.0 Update Now Available For Download

Nintendo has released the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Version 2.0.0 update early.

Players can now update their software by pressing the “+” button on Animal Crossing: New Horizons‘ home screen icon and selecting “Software Update”. Once the update has finished downloading, players will be greeted with the following additions (via Animal Crossing World):

Isabelle Announcements: On your first launch of the game after Version 2.0, Isabelle introduces the new Island ordinances feature allowing you to change the rules of your island. Additionally, she announces the new boat tours to mysterious islands offered by Kapp’n at the Pier.

Notably, Isabelle mentions that only one tour can be taken per day.

Unlocking The Roost & Brewster: When visiting Blathers at the Museum for the first time after installing Version 2.0, you’ll find him thinking about adding a Café to the facility.

In order to lure Brewster into opening The Roost in the Museum, you’ll need to search for him by hunting down some Gyroids — something he loves very dearly.

According to Blathers, the best way to find Gyroids is to head out on a special boat tour with Kapp’n from your island’s Pier.

Museum Posters: Blathers at the Museum now offers special posters to celebrate the completion of an exhibit room.

Villager Home Visits: Villagers can now visit your home while you’re inside without any invitation or prior notice! They’ll just knock out of nowhere and pop on in. We encountered one almost immediately after entering our house for the first time after the update.

Additionally, there’s some clever interactions for when your house is covered in cockroaches after not playing for a while.

Enacting Island Ordinances: To enact a new ordinance rule on your island, talk to Isabelle at Resident Services, select ‘Review island features’, and select ‘Discuss ordinances’.

Enacting or changing the current Island Ordinance requires a fee of 20,000 Bells each time. These are the four options you can choose from:

  • Beautiful Island: Ask folks to pitch in with wedding, watering flowers, and clearing trash from our waters.
  • Early Bird Island: Ask residents to be more active in the morning and our businesses to open earlier.
  • Night Owl Island: Boost nightlife by asking folks to stay up later. We’d also have island businesses extend their hours.
  • Bell Boom Island: Cause the cost of goods on the islands to go up, but so would the amount folks get from selling!

Mail From Harvey: Players can find a letter from Harvey in their mailbox with an invitation to check out the brand new Shopping Plaza area at Harvey’s Island.

Reduced Moving Fees: Mail from Nook Inc. reveals that the bell fees for relocating your home or changing its exterior at Resident Services have been reduced, presumably to help you make changes to your island for Version 2.0.

Buy An ABD: Players who have paid off all their loans can now redeem Nook Miles for an ABD furniture item at the Nook Stop.

Tape Deck Stretching: A new tape deck can be found outside of Resident Services! Interacting with this item can start the new stretches exercise feature.

At the time of this writing, Nintendo has yet to release their patchnotes for the update, and has yet to release the Happy Home Paradise DLC that was scheduled to launch alongside the free update. We will be sure to report back with more details as they come.

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