Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Updated To Version 2.0

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Updated To Version 2.0

Nintendo have recently released a Version 2.0 update for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on IOS and Android!

The Update includes:


Cabins can be decorated as much as you like (with items such as furniture etc) and you will be able to invite as many animals as you like as well! You can decorate them with: winter themes, holiday themes or even more!

This video by Nintendo Wire showcases the cabins in the update and how they work!

Friend List

Your friends list now is located in a new area and will allow you to send in game screenshots to your friends!

You can also:

  • Give kudos directly from your Friends List
  • Help your buds in Shovelstrike Quarry from your Friends List
  • Buy Market Box items from the Player Information page
  • Check how may Kudos a player has received from the My Information and Player Information pages


Once we have any more information to share on Animal Crossing we will cover it here at Nintendo Soup so stay tuned!