Animus Heading To Nintendo Switch Worldwide

Animus Heading To Nintendo Switch Worldwide

Soon, you’ll be able to stand alone against countless dark horrors on Nintendo Switch.

Tenbirds Games has announced that action RPG Animus will be launching on the Switch eShop in various regions. While the company did not announce any pricing, we know the game has the following release dates:

  • Japan: 6 December 2018
  • Europe: 24 December 2018
  • America: 3 January 2019

Check out the Switch trailer below.

“The world is a broken place — lonesome, bitter, fatal. Humanity had been crushed between a clash for untold dominance between the Absolutes. Disorder, death, and ultimately silence took over. All one could do was await death, but even that was quickly snatched away from the frail hands of man. Dangerous shadows stalk the grounds of the ruins, waiting to pounce and lay blame. There is no hope here but for the end, and you to bring it.”