ARMS Devs Shows Off Tons At GDC 2018

ARMS Devs Shows Off Tons At GDC 2018

Nintendo’s latest IP got a little show time at GDC 2018, where they showed off a ton of interesting stuff with regards to the development of the game.

Attendees at the panel were shown some initial concept art for the game, as well as, winning percentages of the various characters. So if you’re a Ribbon Girl main, you have the highest chance of winning against Springman.

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Also shown off at GDC is the upcoming ARMS Comics, which will be coming out for free on Free Comic Book Day In May.

The audience were also treated to a small showing of an early build of ARMs.

In all, although ARMS did not exactly take the Switch community by storm just like Splatoon did, it is still an interesting IP nonetheless, with its own interesting stories to tell.

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