ARMS Test Punch Overview ROUND 2!!

ARMS Test Punch Overview ROUND 2!!

Last week, when we first checked out the ARMS Test Punch, we had quite a bit to say about it which you can read it here. This week, we take it for another spin and see what Nintendo has added.

One of the most obvious addition is a new character Twintelle. I remember lamenting about the small roster last week, and this week we get to try out a new character. As I’ve mentioned last week, each character is more than just aesthetically different, they also play differently. Twintelle is no exception, therefore it took me some time to get used to her.

Alongside the new character, is the addition of a few new game modes. Starting off, Nintendo added a new 3V1 boss fight with Headlok. Truth be told, the boss fight was challenging. It was not impossible to defeat but doing it within the time limit can prove to be very challenging. Out of the few times I’ve played in this mode, I find the team and I always losing due to the lack of time. However, when you finally defeat the Headlok, you’ll definitely feel that tinge of satisfaction in you.

Another new game mode that replaces Vball is Hoops. Hoops is a fun basketball like game mode that have you throwing your opponent into the basket. You can do so by grabbing your opponents or by hitting them into the hoop. Though fun, there were a couple of instances where both the opponent and I faced each other, awkwardly smacking each of our attempts to grab each other down.

The last new game mode is Skillshot. In my opinion, there is not much to Skillshot, you just have to place a well-placed punch onto the target boards. Though there was room for strategy, it was very minimal. It was not my favourite game mode but it did give a good breather to the other game modes.

We also got to see a new arena based on Min-Min’s character. It is one of the larger arenas and can comfortably hold 4 players without squeezing each player tightly, giving excellent room for manoeuvring when it comes to 2V2 or 3V1 boss fight.

Overall the changes in the Test Punch was very welcomed. We got to see more of the game and at this instance, the game is very polished. In fact, you can preload the game onto your Nintendo Switch now if you have pre-ordered it digitally.

ARMS Test-Punch remaining time slots:

June 3 – 17:00 PT (June 4 – 08:00 SGT,  09:00 JT)

June 4 – 5:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m. PT (June 4 – 22:00 SGT, 21:00 JT,  June 4 – 02:00 SGT, 03:00 JT)

ARMS releases on 16 June 2017.