Assault On Metaltron Announced For Nintendo Switch

Assault On Metaltron Announced For Nintendo Switch

Blue Sunset Games is bringing a new tower-defense experience to Nintendo Switch!

The company announced that it would be porting Assault on Metaltron to the system. While they did not mention a release window, we know that the game will feature 40 levels, and optional co-op. There will also be some sort of level-editor.

Check out some screenshots below.

I am happy to announce that Blue Sunset Games is bringing another game to Nintendo Switch.

This time we will see a Horde and Human Alliance VS Metaltron planetary defenses!

Get into metallic world of our tower defence game – set up your towers, build power makers and defend your precious planetary energy.

What can you expect in “Assault On Metaltron” ?

Play as 1 or 2 players (coop) in 40 campaign stages or set up your own custom skirmish battles for endless possibilites with stage, waves, enemies and resources configuration.

Upgrade your towers in any way you like – mix power slots of damage output, attack speed or range. Use special structures like Bounty Tower to get more resources from enemies or stun them completely by charging you Stun Blast Tower.