Atelier Lulua Receives More Details On Ferus Galaxen ruins, Rorona, Meruru, Totori & More

Atelier Lulua Receives More Details On Ferus Galaxen ruins, Rorona, Meruru, Totori & More

Koei Tecmo has released even more details about the upcoming adventures of Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland.

This time, we get a look into another locale in the game, as well as more of the supporting cast. Namely, we get further story details for Rorona, Meruru, and Totori – whom are making their return from past games.

Check out all the details below, via GoNintendo.

The Ruins of Ferus Galaxen

  • Lulua wants to achieve an alchemical feat that will shock everyone
  • the Codex shows Lulua where she should start, that being the Ferus Galaxen ruins in her hometown of Arklys
  • Lulua decides that she will be the one to open up “The Unexplorable Ruins
  • there was no way for Lulua to know that what lay inside was a secret that would encompass all of Arland entirely
  • Arklys was a bustling town full of explorers wanting to uncover the secrets of Ferus Galaxen
  • with the discovery of a door that would not open no matter what, interest waned due to the lack of progress
  • Lulua’s love for the town leads her to the idea to open up the door in order achieve the dual goals of livening up the town
  • this would also let her perform an eyebrow-raising alchemical feat that would improve the her and the Atelier’s reputation



  • a magician who has a different way of seeing things compared to most people
  • as someone who’s impossible to read, his words can sometimes touch upon the core issues, which always surprises Lulua
  • in battle, Fiks has wide-range skills that deals damage of various elements


  • a warm and openhearted man who has pride as a pirate despite not doing any pirating
  • currently he’s an adventurer, but he still fights close-quarters with the ferocity of a pirate
  • if Nico is in the front, he can enter Brave Stance which will block any attacks aimed at his allies
  • in the back, Nico has healing skills that can replenish the party’s energy


  • Rorona loves Lulua wholeheartedly and watches over her with the warmth of a mother
  • her love for pies has not faded, and her skills at pie-making have only gotten better
  • in battle, Rorona can use items as an alchemist
  • she is a balanced-type character that can attack and heal, and reduce the enemies’ elemental resistances


  • despite becoming the chief of the ‘Guardian Force’, Sterk’s passion towards being a knight continues to burn strongly
  • in his new position, he’s busy guarding Arland and leading the force, and is as proficient with fighting as ever
  • Sterk is a pure attacker, who even can learn skills that increase damage against bosses


  • Totori is currently living a busy life spreading the gospel of alchemy
  • she’s an expert on alchemy who’s able to analyze and teach Lulua on what exactly she must improve on
  • Chimdragon calls Totori Grand Master, Piana as Master, and Lulua as Nano Master


  • the former princess of Arls is currently enjoying her travels around the world now that her task is over
  • she has quite the energetic personality
  • while she’s not good at teaching others, it seems that meeting Lulua will bring around a change in her personality

Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland will be launching on 20 March 2019 in Japan. Meanwhile, it will release in North America on 21 May 2019, and in Europe on 24 May 2019.