The Back Of The Nintendo Switch Receives A Subtle Change

The Back Of The Nintendo Switch Receives A Subtle Change

The Nintendo Switch has finally launched in Taiwan and South Korea yesterday. Although everything looks normal on the outside, Famitsu Taiwan has discovered subtle changes to Switch systems that were sold yesterday.

Firstly there seems to be a slight change to the back of the Nintendo Switch where all of the safety regulation logos appear. The arrangement of some of the text and icons have changed. A brand new KCC logo and some Korean text have been added.

For comparison’s sake the Switch on top was purchased in Taiwan on December 1, while the Switch on the bottom was released at launch in Japan on March 3, 2017.

Since all Nintendo Switch models are the same regardless of the region they are manufactured for, we expect Nintendo Switch units released from December 1 to be updated with the new KCC logo and Korean text all around the world.

Secondly something which applies only to Taiwan is that the Taiwanese Nintendo Switch systems come with the same AC adapter that is used in the United States. Most assumed Japanese AC adapters would be used instead. The reason given is because US AC adapters are deemed safer by the authorities.

If you’re interested in seeing how the Nintendo Switch packaging released in Taiwan looks like, check it out here.