Blasphemous Nearing End Of Development, Runs At 60fps on Consoles

Blasphemous Nearing End Of Development, Runs At 60fps on Consoles

Earlier today, The Game Kitchen shared an update on their upcoming dark brutal action game Blasphemous, which was confirmed to be heading for Switch almost two years ago.

According to the update, Blasphemous is finally in its home stretch of development and a release date will be coming soon. In addition, they also discussed progress on the console builds of the game, which they confirm to be running at 60fps like the PC build. This includes the Nintendo Switch version, which they mention was a priority when it came to optimization.

You can check out the full statement from The Game Kitchen below:

Blasphemous Development’s final laps…
We bring the latest development update, to let you know that everything continues on track towards a flawless release day (date to be revealed soon).

English voice-over recorded!

Last week we took a trip to Madrid and spent a few days at the recording studio producing the awesome voice over for the game. Blasphemous will feature an outstanding cast of actors, directed on site by our designers to make sure they deliver our vision.

Console builds looking awesome!

We cannot express the excitement after checking out how well the console builds are working! At this time our priority is having the game optimized for the Nintendo Switch, which is the more technically demanding platform. We’re happy to confirm the game is already fast booting and rendering consistent 60fps in consoles, just like the PC version. Are you as excited as we are?

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