Bokuhime Project Launches For Switch On April 23, 2020 In Japan

Bokuhime Project Launches For Switch On April 23, 2020 In Japan

Earlier this year, Nippon Ichi Software (NIS) revealed Bokuhime Project – a cross-dressing themed visual novel for Switch and PS4. While things have been radio silent for awhile, we finally have new details about the game!

Dengeki Online has revealed that the game will be hitting Japanese retail stores on 23 April 2020, for 6,980 yen. We also receive more details about its main character and other girls that players will encounter.

Check it out below (translation by Gematsu):

  • Erika Ikusa – A male high school student. To get to the bottom of a case involving his older sister, he cross-dresses and attends Yuriai Academy. However, the school has a rule that everything has to be cute, and he must compete for cuteness with the other beautiful girls that go there.
  • Ria Hoozuki (voiced by Maki Kawase) – An imp with a sharp tongue.
  • Uran Ryuuguuin (voiced by Nao Shiraki) – A woman with an old Japan atmosphere.
  • Dalia Himegami (voiced by Ran Terai) – The “princess knight.”
  • Hermes Himegami (voiced by Nanahira) – The princess above princesses.
  • Akira Ikusa (voiced by Yuki Kawakami) – Erika’s cousin.

For now, there are no plans for a western release of the title. We’ll report back if and when we hear more.