Boulder Dash 30th Anniversary Launches For Switch On February 27, 2020

Boulder Dash 30th Anniversary Launches For Switch On February 27, 2020

Last year, publisher BBG Entertainment had announced that a Switch port of Boulder Dash 30th Anniversary was in the works. We may have had some radio silence since then – but now we have the final details on its release!

The Switch eShop has updated with a new listing for the game – along with a release date of 27 February 2020 and price tag of $14,99 USD. The game sees players return to the classic Boulder Dash universe, now with 260+ new worlds and many secrets to unlock!

Check out some promotional images below, along with a brief synopsis:

Gem Collectors, Dig This!  Boulder Dash®-30th Anniversary™ finds our heroes, Rockford™, Crystal™ and others, facing a slew of new, exciting challenges in this legendary action puzzler.  Dig through spectacular caves with 3D elements; avoid falling boulders; collect valuable gems and avoid nefarious enemies along the way.  Discover treasure chests with rare collectibles and potent power-ups.  With 260 exciting levels, 13 new, gorgeous worlds, and 10 playable characters, Boulder Dash-30th Anniversary is the best game in its 30 year history.

The original Boulder Dash® was created by Peter Liepa with Chris Gray over 30 years ago and published by First Star Software in 1984.  Boulder Dash®-30th Anniversary is the first, and only, game in the multi-million unit selling Boulder Dash series to include both a premium world designed by Peter Liepa and another by Chris Gray.

While providing classic Boulder Dash core gameplay mechanics and features, Boulder Dash-30th Anniversary introduces exciting new elements such as diagonal movement, which opens up new and intriguing puzzles while creating a very different and organic look for the caves.

Features Include:

  • 260 all-new levels with advanced physics!
  • 13 Never-before-seen worlds, with new creatures with 3D animations!
  • New multicolored gem combos, treasure chests, rare collectibles and spectacular power-ups!
  • Limited time special events with unique prizes!
  • Premium world by videogame legend Peter Liepa who returns to the game he created 30 years ago with 20 of the most mind-bending levels yet!
  • Play as Rockford™ or unlock 9 other playable male and female characters including Crystal™!
  • First Boulder Dash game ever to include diagonal walls and movement!
  • Languages:  English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Russian!