Bridge Builder Adventure Heads To Switch On February 7

Bridge Builder Adventure Heads To Switch On February 7

BoomBit Games has announced Bridge Builder Adventure, a puzzle construction game, for Nintendo Switch today.

The Switch version features a new storyline, new hard mode, HD rumble, and gyroscope support. It’ll be out digitally on February 7, 2020.

Trailer and details:

Bridge Builder Adventure takes the basic mechanics of BoomBit’s other highly successful and innovative title – Build a Bridge – to twist, turn, and improve them. The result is a puzzle game that combines seemingly unfitting elements – construction, fantasy, and adventure – into something truly unique.

The Nintendo Switch version of Bridge Builder Adventure aims to be the ultimate version of the game. To achieve this goal it has been expanded and improved with:

– New storyline told through animated cutscenes
– New hard mode that completely changes the game for more replayability
– Reworked adaptive hint system that makes discovering solutions much more smooth
– No limits on materials & a redesigned powerup system
– New control scheme with HD rumble and gyroscope support

Bridge Builder Adventure is available on the Nintendo Switch as a premium title with all content and features available to unlock through gameplay.

Bridge Builder Adventure comes to the Nintendo Switch on February 7th.