Fans Theorize Galarian Dragonite Could Be Heading To Pokemon Sword And Shield’s Expansion Pass

Fans Theorize Galarian Dragonite Could Be Heading To Pokemon Sword And Shield’s Expansion Pass

An interesting theory suggesting that Galarian Dragonite will debut in the Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass has caught the attention of some on the Internet.

The theory was suggested by Reddit user Ch1ld1shOne, who gave several reasons to back up his theory. First, Dragonite, a very popular Pokemon, has never received a Mega Evolution, alternate form, or Gigantamax form, so it could perhaps be it’s turn to shine. And it wouldn’t be surprising if Galarian Dragonite is a Dragon/Ice type Pokemon to match the theme of the Crowned Tundra DLC.

It could perhaps look like this, as shown in a recent Pokemon anime episode:

There are even more reasons to back up the theory, such as Ash catching a Dragonite in the anime, and the other Pokemon he has, a Mr. Mime, already has a Galarian form.

Check out all the reasons below:

  1. The focus being on legendary/ rare encounters and exploration

  2. The person you’re exploring under appearing to be raihan’s dad (who is probably out there looking for a rare dragon)

  3. Dragonite’s lore states how it is already rare and difficult to find one

  4. The setting for this specific expansion as an icy tundra and Raihan is a dragon trainer whose team focuses on weather conditions (no present dragon who utilizes hail)

  5. Noticeable absent of dragonite or any confirmation that he’s been included while all of the other missing pseudos-legendaries confirmed present within the DLC

  6. Ash recently catching a Dragonite with this being his first actual catch 10 eps in the new series, the other Pokémon on his team besides pikachu is Mr. Mime (who already has a galarian form)

  7. Kanto legendary bird trio getting galarian forms

  8. Dragonite’s lack of attention in prior generations (no mega evolution, no new form, or no current gigantamax form)

What do you think of this theory?