#BringBackNationalDex Supporter Slanders Junichi Masuda With Rape Accusations

#BringBackNationalDex Supporter Slanders Junichi Masuda With Rape Accusations

If you are a Pokemon fan, you would probably know by now there is a movement called #BringBackNationalDex petitioning Game Freak and The Pokemon Company to reconsider their plan of omitting Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield and future games.

Game Freak’s plan of selectively omitting Pokemon from future Pokemon games has been a very emotional issue for longtime fans of the series. But today something awful which cannot be condoned has happened.

A Twitter user called Fusayo Asai, which called herself a “former employee of Game Freak”, posted a “story” about her experience with Junichi Masuda. The account is suspected to be made by a supporter of #BringBackNationalDex.

The story, which has been taken down on Twitlong, contained the following slanderous message:

“A week later I came to his house and had sex with him

It began with the first normal agreement we did it [and it was many times between winter and spring 2010]

Then he started to get into strange things than that summer

Apparently, his fetish included it, so I put it on the list.

1. Bugs in private places such as anus

2. Surprise rape

3. Skeleton and slender, close to starving woman

4. blood

5. Women who take medicine Heroine and other hard drugs

These are what I find easy to explain. There were many worse and nasty things I experienced

Next 5 years. Almost everything was about sex to him”

Many Pokemon fans have condemned the actions of the person behind the fake account for spreading slanderous and hurtful things of Junichi Masuda. Whichever side you are on, we urge Pokemon fans to remain calm and respectful of the people behind these games. It’s okay to respectfully ask for things, but it’s not okay to slander someone with false accusations.

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