Bubble Bobble 4 Friends Hits Nintendo Switch In North America On March 31, 2020

Bubble Bobble 4 Friends Hits Nintendo Switch In North America On March 31, 2020

Been patiently waiting for the US release of Bubble Bobble 4 Friends? Well, your patience will finally pay off soon!

ININ Games has confirmed that the puzzle platformer will hit Nintendo Switch in North America on 31 March 2020. As previously reported, the game will feature co-op support for up to four players – who can team up across 100 levels and 5 bosses!

The game originally launched in Europe during November 2019, and will be hitting Japan soon on 27 February 2020.

Check out a new trailer confirming this release date below, along with a quick synopsis to catch you up on its features:


The popular dragons Bub and Bob are back! Bubble Bobble 4 Friends is the latest game in the legendary Bubble Bobble series from Taito.

Play alone or with up to three friends in couch co-op mode and jump your bubble dragons through 100 levels to defy the wicked magician Bonner and his henchmen. The bubbles don’t just let you trap your opponents, either—your dragons can also jump on them to reach higher platforms.

Collect E-X-T-E-N-D bubbles to activate and upgrade skills, such as lightning and bomb bubbles. Develop countless new strategies to travel through the worlds and take advantage of air currents.

The original Bubble Bobble arcade game from 1986 is also included, which captured the hearts of players around the world and still has fans humming its title melody today.

A celebration for fans and fun for the whole family!

Key Features

  • Single-player mode.
  • Up to four players in cooperative play.
  • 100 stages and five bosses.
  • Learn and upgrade special skills via the skill system.
  • Includes legendary Bubble Bobble arcade game from 1986 (with two-player co-op mode).