Burger Time Party!: New Details About Food Enemies

Burger Time Party!: New Details About Food Enemies

G-Mode Corporation has revealed some new information about the upcoming Burger Time Party!, this time showing off the game’s redesigned food enemies

Anyone who played the original Burger Time would recall its iconic cast of food-based baddies. For this new remake for consoles, they have received a complete makeover with more stylized faces and features. They also received some new profiles detailing how they will challenge the player in-game.

Check out the full details below:

Mr. Hot Dog
A returning enemy character whose connection to Peter Pepper can be said to be the strongest. Since it does nothing other than chase after him, its movements are easy to read.

Mr. Egg
An easy-going fella that does things as it pleases. It trifles with Peter Pepper with its tricky movements. While it smiles like the sun, it is actually rather scary…

Mr. Pickle
A strong-habited fella that will want to use a ladder if it comes across one while running, but will start running again before reaching the bottom. Its thin body is lovely as it runs and sways back and forth.

Mr. Doughnut
A guest appearance from BurgerTime Deluxe for Game Boy. Its new “dash” technique is almost impossible to dodge from directly in front, and has even gotten some screams out of the development staff.

While Burger Time Party! currently has no set release date, it will be launching for Switch sometime in 2019