You Can Now Talk To Rotom On LINE

You Can Now Talk To Rotom On LINE

The Pokemon Company has opened an official account on LINE. Similar to Nintendo’s LINE account where users can speak to Kinopio-kun, Pokemon fans can speak to Rotom on LINE.

Unfortunately, Rotom only understands Japanese, so you’ll have to speak to it in Japanese for it to understand you. Here’s some screenshots from The Pokemon Company…

User: Hi

Rotom: Hi, Roto!

Rotom: Let’s work hard today Roto!

User: Thank you

Rotom: Thanks for this, Roto!

User: I love Rotom!

Rotom: Thank you Roto! I love Rotom too Roto

User: I’m having a cold, so I am suffering a bit…

Rotom: Do your best, Roto!

User: Yes! I will do my best.

Rotom: I’ll do my best too, Roto.

User: Let’s do our best together.

Besides conversing with users, Rotom is able to introduce to users 16 different types of Alola region Pokemon…

…and even give the user an ability score based on the vocabulary, grammar, and content of the conversation that they had with Rotom. Rotom will even give you your own “Signature Move” and “Habitat” based on actual terms from the Pokemon video games.

Last but not least, you can play a Word Chain game with Rotom based on Pokemon names.

Unfortunately, you’ll only be able to talk to Rotom from now till January 31, 2018. Don’t miss this chance!

You can make friends with Rotom here (redirects to LINE).