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713, f, 0mq, jq, wi, af, h, u, m, z5, x, 7, Capcom Expects Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch Ver. To Sell 300k to 500k Copies | NintendoSoup
Capcom Expects Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch Ver. To Sell 300k to 500k Copies

Capcom Expects Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch Ver. To Sell 300k to 500k Copies

Monster Hunter XX is launching on Nintendo Switch this Friday in Japan. It’s said that how Monster Hunter XX Switch sells will determine Capcom’s future support for Nintendo Switch.

According to BGC Partners Anvarzadeh (via Takashi Mochizuki), Capcom has set a sales target of 300,000 to 500,000 copies for Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch Ver. in Japan. The same forecast has been set for Resident Evil Revelations Collection, which will be seeing a global release later this year.

These targets come off Ultra Super Street Fighter II’s strong sales performance. The title moved as many as 450,000 copies, which is 200,000 units above Capcom’s initial projections.

Given the huge appetite for Monster Hunter games in Japan, where previous titles on Nintendo 3DS have sold at least a million copies each, we believe these targets will be easily met. Now Capcom, could you please bring the game out of Japan?