Capcom Launches Devil May Cry Switch Version Official Website, Overview, Screenshots Released

Capcom Launches Devil May Cry Switch Version Official Website, Overview, Screenshots Released

Capcom has launched the official website for the first Devil May Cry game recently announced for Switch.

On the website, Capcom shared an overview of the first title in the series including some in-game screenshots. Devil May Cry launches digitally on Switch in Summer 2019.

Check out the details and screenies below:

Demons Hate Him!

Meet Dante: a half-human, half-demon devil hunter hellbent on taking down the king of the underworld, Mundus. Whether you’re at home, or on the go, slice, shoot, and skewer enemies with outrageous combos in the game that showed the world what stylish action was all about.


Mundus, king of the underworld.
Your father banished him once.
Now, he wants out.

game image

One day, a mysterious woman named Trish arrives at Dante’s shop, Devil May Cry. She speaks of Mundus, the king of the underworld, banished to Mallet Island over 2000 years ago. This same Mundus was responsible for the death of Dante’s family so very long ago…

game image

Now he’s back, and Trish wants Dante to put him down.


Chain combos to slay enemies in style!

game imagegame image

Chain together combos using your sword and dual-wielded pistols to defeat enemies and earn Red Orbs to power up Dante!
The more stylish you are, the more orbs you’ll receive! Keep track of how stylishly you’re performing by using the ranks at the top-right of the screen.

game image

Unleash the devil inside with Dante’s Devil Trigger! Each enemy you destroy or hit you take charges your Devil Trigger gauge. Once the gauge has enough charge, you can unleash your true power!



Son of the Legendary Dark Knight Sparda, and a human woman, Eva, Dante has both demonic and human blood coursing through his veins. As a devil hunter, he spends his time hunting—and destroying—demons. Maybe one day he’ll find the one who murdered his mother…


A woman bearing an uncanny resemblance to Dante’s mother, Eva. She speaks little, preferring to keep her secrets close—especially the one about her true purpose…