Cat Quest Updated On PC, Brings Russian Language And New Features

Cat Quest Updated On PC, Brings Russian Language And New Features

Update: PQube has confirmed that the update will appear on the Switch in the near future

Open world RPG Cat Quest has just received a content update on Steam. The content update brings to the game a whole multitude of new features like Russian language support, new game mode, and quality-of-life improvements.

After updating, players who have beaten the game once will be able to tweak the game modifiers when starting a new game, therefore unlocking a whole new gaming experience when they go for a second round. The game’s UI will also show caves containing missing chest, allowing players to easily search for the piece of armour that they’ve missed.

Russian fans will definitely also enjoy the new Russian Language.

No word has been given yet if the update will make its way to the Switch someday, but hopefully, it will.

You can read the full features below:

Hey fellow Catventurers!

It’s been a long time coming, but the newest content update has gone live! Thank you to all the kind folk who helped beta test our new mode, you guys helped shape the game we have today!

Now to get to the cool stuff!

Mew Game

This is a new mode that only unlocks after you’ve beaten the game once, and is for players who want a new challenge! You’ll be able to play the game with modifiers turned on that affect the game in different ways! Want to try to beat the game at Level One? This is the mode for you!
Oh, there’s also never seen before rewards at the end of this challenge, so it will be worth it!

New Game +

For players who want to continue leveling up their character, armors and spells! Have fun steam rolling your enemies and showing them what a fully powered Dragonblood feels like!

Russian Language added

And we’ve also added an option for the Russian language! We got the best team we could find(the guys who localized Witcher 3), so we hope our Russian fans find it good enough! 🙂

Balance tweaks!

In addition to all that, we made slight balance tweaks:
– Willpower, Faith and Courage have been nerfed slightly.
– The mimic chests have lesser health.
– Some balance tweaks to the enemy spells to be more accurate.

Quality of Life improvements

– We added a UI to show which caves still contain missing chests! Great if you’re trying to find the last few armors you’re missing!
– Tweaked some of the button prompts to update better with controllers.

Bug fixes

– We’ve fixed a bug where a certain armor was not dropping for players in Icy Glaive. This armor should drop now, thank you for pointing this out for us!

And that’s about it for the new update! Its a real big one!
Do keep us updated on any further bugs you guys might find, and happy catventuring! 🙂