This Is The Cheapest Nintendo Switch Controller Ever Made

This Is The Cheapest Nintendo Switch Controller Ever Made

If you were looking for the cheapest alternative to the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, meet the Sanko Nintendo Switch Controller.

The Sanko Nintendo Switch Controller is the lowest priced controller ever made for the Nintendo Switch. It merely costs 1,980 yen (USD17). In comparison, the official Nintendo Switch Pro Controller retails for USD69.99, while a HORI Switch Gamepad is priced at USD29.99.

Similar to most other third party controllers, Sanko’s controller can only be connected to the Nintendo Switch Dock, and it doesn’t support gyro, the IR Camera, HD Rumble, amiibo, and other features that the official Pro Controller has. Neither does it have the screenshot capture button.

The Sanko Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is now available for purchase on Amazon Japan, but unfortunately it’s only available in Japan at the time of writing. Buy here.

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