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a, 9, k, 3, ttv, 5, Check Out These Real-Life Dugtrio Sandwiches, Inspired By Pokemon Cafe Mix | NintendoSoup
Check Out These Real-Life Dugtrio Sandwiches, Inspired By Pokemon Cafe Mix

Check Out These Real-Life Dugtrio Sandwiches, Inspired By Pokemon Cafe Mix

AS we’ve previously reported, some Pokemon fans have started creating real-life versions of adorable Pokemon dishes from Pokemon Cafe Mix. If you’re hoping to try making some for yourself – well, here’s a good recipe to test out your skills first!

Japanese food app Kurashiru recently teamed up with The Pokemon Company to produce a special video tutorial for fans of the puzzle game. In particular, the tutorial shares some easy steps you can take to prepare the ‘Dugtrio Sandwich Trio‘ dish from the game itself – with helpful tips on what ingredients to put in, and more!

Check it out below:

For comparison, here is how the dish looks in-game:

What do you think? Feel confident enough to create your own Dugtrio sandwiches in the kitchen too? Feel free to share your thoughts below!