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Skin | NintendoSoup
Child’s ‘Chicken Trooper’ Doodle Gets Made Into A Fortnite Skin

Child’s ‘Chicken Trooper’ Doodle Gets Made Into A Fortnite Skin

Sometimes, you don’t have to be an artisan to come up with creative and viable ideas.

Several months ago, one Reddit user’s 8-year-old son doodled his own dream Fortnite skin, and pestered his father to share it with Epic. Essentially, it was a full-body chicken outfit called the “Chicken Trooper”, as seen below.

The father later shared the idea on Fortnite’s sub-reddit, where it humorously blew up in popularity. Other Reddit users went to polish up the idea, in an effort to make it a reality.

As it turns out, it seems like Epic ultimately took notice and turned the idea into an actual in-game outfit! And, yes, it’s as awesome as an 8-year-old’s imagination can get.

Talk about listening to your fans! We can only imagine how happy that young boy is to see the ‘Chicken Trooper’ coming to life!