Controversial Voice Actor Revealed To Be Playing Byleth In Fire Emblem Three Houses

Controversial Voice Actor Revealed To Be Playing Byleth In Fire Emblem Three Houses

Byleth might have a clouded past outside the game as well.

With the inclusion the new heroes in the Fire Emblem Heroes game, the voice actor cast behind the main characters in Fire Emblem Three Houses has been reavealed. This casting list reveals that Chris Niosi who also plays Byleth in Fire Emblem Three Houses.

This actor has had a history of being abusive to multiple people and this climax last week with a tweet and a Tumblr post.

On July 17th, voice actor Chris Niosi tweeted a link to an apology he wrote which addressed his abusive relationships with significant others.

It’s unclear if Nintendo was aware of this voice actor’s history though his lines were likely recorded months ago and his apology was shared publicly just last week.

Here is the first part of the apology.

My name is Christopher Niosi; also known as Kirbopher. I am 30 years old and for about half of my lifetime, I have horribly mistreated and abused friends, colleagues and even my significant others. It is time that I addressed each and every one of those people and responded to their feelings with individual apologies for what I’ve done to hurt them. This will be a masterpost containing all of the appropriate posts in one location, so that the people they have been written for, along with anyone else who wishes to read them, can easily access the information.

Reddit has also joined the conversation on the Fire Emblem thread with the current top upvoted post is the following from u/sergeantjamjars.

It’s been a very well known fact for years now that he is sexually abusive, manipulative, aggressive among many other things. There are many reports from his many exes but here is but one of them and this is but another.

At the very least, being aware of the kind of person that they have probably casted, confirmed that’s he’s broken NDA (something that would usually get you fired but manipulative VAs manage to get around) by this person, is half the battle. There’s way more on him but, I can’t believe they casted someone like this. I’ll leave you with that.

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