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5tc, jfk, 9z, c, jk, h8b, alx, ei, uly, zft, 9r, 1, 6, a, Cuphead Toy Line Now Available With Kids Meals At Arby's Restaurants, For A Limited Time | NintendoSoup
Cuphead Toy Line Now Available With Kids Meals At Arby’s Restaurants, For A Limited Time

Cuphead Toy Line Now Available With Kids Meals At Arby’s Restaurants, For A Limited Time

It looks like Cuphead is growing beyond its gaming routes, into the world of fast food!

Arby’s and Studio MDHR have teamed up to offer a special toy line comprising of hero launchers and boss papercrafts with every Arby’s Kids Meal. There are four of each, and the player can use the hero launchers to knock over the boss papercrafts.

Here’s a peek at how the toys and papercrafts look in action:

If you live in the US, will you be heading down to an Arby’s to grab some of these fun Cuphead sets? Feel free to share below!