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Daemon X Machina Scores 71 On Metacritic

Daemon X Machina Scores 71 On Metacritic

Metacritic has put up their aggregated Metascore for Daemon X Machina, which launches this Friday for Nintendo Switch.

Critic reviews for Daemon X Machina have been mixed. As of September 11, 2019, Daemon X Machina received 13 positive reviews (75 and above) and 13 mixed reviews (50 to 74) from critics.

Check out some of the reviews below:

TheSixthAxis – 90
Daemon X Machina sets the bar for robot action games. The addictive mecha fighting is almost flawless, but it’s complemented by so many other incredible parts to the game. There’s a rich, unique world filled with incredible and memorable characters, endless and addictive customisation, gorgeous visuals and a jaw-dropping soundtrack. Daemon X Machina rarely stumbles, and even when it did, I still couldn’t help but be impressed by this amazing new experience.
Daemon X Machina makes the player feel like a futuristic mech pilot, but they can never escape a dull story that keeps interrupting the action.
Twinfinite – 70
There’s plenty of content to wade through with the lengthy story, assortment of side missions, and multiplayer options with friends or strangers (strictly co-op not versus).
Millenium – 64
Daemon X Machina is clearly trying to replicate the formula of Armored Core, but it suffers from an uninteresting plot and weary dialogue. On the other hand, it offers a careful artistic direction and advanced personalization of mechas. Unfortunately, as the missions progress, Daemon X Machina loses its rhythm and the interest of players, due to too many similar objectives and a blatant lack of inventiveness related to the repetition of quests. It’s a shame, too, as it’s a title with such a beautiful color palette and controls that are so accessible.