Datamine: More Details About How Mega Evolution May Work In Pokemon GO

Datamine: More Details About How Mega Evolution May Work In Pokemon GO

Following the latest version update, dataminers have dug up some interesting details about how Mega Evolution will work in Pokemon GO.

The information comes from dataminers combing through Pokemon GO‘s text files, which include lines for various missions and mechanics related to Mega Evolution, presumably in preparation for when the feature finally launches.

You can check out a summary of the key details below:

  • Pokemon can only Mega Evolve in Pokemon GO after gathering enough “Mega Energy”. The more friendly the player is with the Pokemon, the less Mege Energy is required to Mega Evolve.
  • Mega Evolution is only temporary, and lasts for at least 2 hours by default.
    • Only one Pokemon can be Mega Evolved at a time. If you try to Mega Evolve a second Pokemon, the first Mega Evolved Pokemon will go back to normal
    • Mega Evolved Pokemon cannot be traded.
    • Mega Evolved Pokemon will have separate Pokedex entries from normal versions.
  • Mega Energy can be obtained by completing Mega Raids, with the first few Raids featuring Mega Venusaur, Mega Charizard X/Y and Mega Blastoise.
    • Text files suggest that Mega Beedrill may also be a starting Mega.
    • Mega Evolved Pokemon will increase damage during Raids according to the Pokemon’s type.
    • Rewards are dependent on speed.
  • Mega Evolved Pokemon cannot be used in the Battle League.
  • There will be new Special Research and Badges tied to Mega Evolution

For the full details on what was datamined, you can find it in the Reddit thread here.

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