Dead By Daylight Will Launch On Switch With Same Content As Other Versions

Dead By Daylight Will Launch On Switch With Same Content As Other Versions

In an interview with Nintendo World Report, Dead By Daylight director Mathieu Côté reassured fans that the Switch version will launch with the same content as other versions, with the aim to have all versions of the game update simultaneously moving forward.

Dead By Daylight for Switch was announced for a Fall release about a month ago during the Nintendo Direct. In light of this announcement, some fans were concerned about whether it will launch in the same state as the versions available for other platforms. According to the game’s director, the developers intend to do whatever they can to ensure that all platforms have the exact same content, even as they continue to update the game in the future.

Mathieu Côté:…the idea is to have the exact same content so that the game can continue to grow and be exactly the same on all platforms. So we’re going to keep putting the content out, and we’re gonna keep- I mean, obviously every console has a different rule as to the submission process and how these things go, but we’ll do our best to make sure that they’re all synced up so that whenever we release content it’s available everywhere.

This information comes following a similar confirmation that Mortal Kombat 11 will not have anything cut for the Switch version. Perhaps this is a good sign that the Switch is on its way to shedding its reputation for receiving sub-par ports compared to its competitor consoles.

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