Dead Cells Has Sold 3 Million Copies, ‘Update Of Plenty’ Announced

Dead Cells Has Sold 3 Million Copies, ‘Update Of Plenty’ Announced

Still plumbing the deadly depths of Dead Cells on Nintendo Switch? You can look forward to experiencing a huge overhaul for the game soon!

To celebrate the game hitting 3 million copies sold worldwide across all platforms, the game’s developers will be releasing an ‘Update of Plenty’ that refreshes various aspects of the platforming adventure. The update is now live on PC, but will be arriving “in the next few weeks” for consoles as well.

Check out the vlog below for an overview of what the update will tweak:

Update 19 makes a lot (no, a lot) of smaller changes to the game, including sweeping changes to items and weapons—many of which were completely reworked, nerfed, or boosted.

Examples of these small but meaningful changes include alterations to crossbows, which are now two-handed weapons (duh) and ‘Survival’ only, giving players two separate attacks and a generous health pool. There’s also a backpack that lets you hold a weapon (sorry, you can’t use it if it’s in the backpack) while you wield a two-handed weapon, making sure you’re never punished for switching back to a dual weapon build.

Additionally, the in-game economy and merchants got a makeover with the removal of gold-scaling (gear price will now go up with item level), prices have changed on a variety of items, and there are various changes to refining and affix rerolling costs. Shop categories are now color-based instead of being based on equipment type and you now get a shop reroll for free, however, it makes items on sale pricier so do with that what you will.

The other more notable changes include scrolls being removed from ++ and S weapons, but to compensate more scrolls have been added to the early biomes (heyoooo make it rain!), enemy damage has been reduced, and gear damage has been increased. #balance

Also, for fans who lovingly encountered unrelenting death in 2BC (two Boss Cells), the new update has smoothed out difficulty progression—0BC (zero Boss Cells), for example, has been made more challenging in order to teach new players more of the moves and give them time to collect more gear/runes before progressing, but the difficulty curve in general has also been adjusted from 0-5BC so difficulty spikes should be (should be) less of a problem.

You can find the full patch notes here, if you want more details in advance.