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Mark Official Vinyl Soundtrack Announced | NintendoSoup
Death Mark Official Vinyl Soundtrack Announced

Death Mark Official Vinyl Soundtrack Announced

Aksys Games has announced an official vinyl for the Death Mark video game that released earlier this year for Nintendo Switch.

The soundtrack will retail for USD19.99 and ship after January 1, 2019. Only 400 records will be printed exclusively on the Aksys Games Store.

Check out the full details below:

Good news for vinyl fans: Aksys Games has announced that pre-ordering for their new, limited run Death Mark OST 12” vinyl is now open. The album, which features 10 skin-crawling tracks from adventure horror game Death Mark, will retail for $19.99 and be shipped after January 1, 2019. Just 400 records will be printed, so fans should act fast if they hope to score a copy. The records are available exclusively on the Aksys Games Store.

Critics have praised the game highly since its recent launch. “Death Mark is by far one of the scariest games I have ever played. The game uses illustration, sound design, and narrative in a way that creates a truly horrific adventure for the player,” said Noisy Pixel.
PlayStation Lifestyle commented, “Death Mark does nail its atmosphere of otherworldly unpredictability, looming dread, and urgency that sells its central plot quite well… there is play and design here that stands among the best of this year’s horror offerings.”
GamePitt warns, “If you don’t buy Death Mark then expect to wake up tomorrow with no memory and a scar on your arm.”