Detective Pikachu’s Coffee Addiction Answered

Detective Pikachu’s Coffee Addiction Answered

Fans who have played Detective Pikachu would know that the Detective himself is largely addicted to coffee, knowing a lot more about coffee than the average player would in their lifetime.

To answer the question of Detective Pikachu’s addiction to coffee, a recent interview conducted by Famitsu and translated by Kotaku shed some light on the matter. According to game director, director Naoki Miyashita, the team wanted to give Detective Pikachu a certain aura of coolness and maturity, that is why they chose to give Detective Pikachu coffee.

“If you’re talking about a sleuth, then typically you imagine there is a pipe as part of the standard character toolkit, but as one would expect, in its place we dialed that down to coffee. However, it [coffee] is slightly grown-up and brings out a certain coolness.”

It’s good that they have settled with coffee unlike the other abuses eccentric detectives have consumed in their works. You can read the article from Famitsu here (Japanese) or from Kotaku’s excerpt here.

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