Detention Confirmed For Nintendo Switch, Supports 4 Languages

Detention Confirmed For Nintendo Switch, Supports 4 Languages

Critically acclaimed horror game Detention has been officially confirmed for Nintendo Switch.

Rumors of the existence of a Switch version came from the Taiwan Entertainment Software Rating website. It was officially confirmed by Coconut Island Games during the Weplay Game Expo held in Shanghai on October 28.

Detention is developed by Red Candle Games and will be published by Coconut Island Games on Nintendo Switch. It’ll be playable in four languages – English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Japanese.

Unfortunately it’s unclear when the game will be hitting Nintendo Switch, as the publisher hasn’t announced a release date yet. We’ll let you know when it happens!

Here’s a few more details on Detention from the publisher:

Detention was released on Steam on 13th January, 2017. This game sets a trend of horror game by its featured atmosphere, unique visual style and a fictitious world in the 1960s Taiwan under martial law.

On October 3rd, Coconut Island Games released Detention on PlayStation American Store for a wider scope of horror and story-driven game lovers to enjoy it. And it won’t take long for players to play Detention on Switch.

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