Have A Closer Look At The Everything Ditto Pokemon Center Merchandise

Have A Closer Look At The Everything Ditto Pokemon Center Merchandise

The Pokemon Company has been very crazy over one Pokemon lately – Ditto. We’ve seen Transform! Ditto plushies released last month, and even an official Ditto song in Japanese.

This time round, the Pokemon Center has decided to make Ditto the star of the show by making merchandise that look like Ditto.

If you’re interested in grabbing any of these Pokemon Center merchandise, you can head over to Amazon Japan to purchase them (links to the products are provided throughout the article). New to shopping on Amazon Japan? Check out our guide here first.

Let’s take a look at the Ditto merchandise below.

First up is a “just right” size Ditto plush that is springy to the touch.

Pre-order the plush.

You wouldn’t believe this, but now Ditto can help carry stuff for you as it has transformed into a tote bag and knapsack.

Pre-order the Tote Bag.

Pre-order the Knapsack.

Don’t be fooled – inside the tote bag and knapsack lies a beautiful pink and purple pattern of Ditto.

And now for a bunch of miscellaneous Ditto accessories. Can you tell which is what?

Clockwise direction from left

Pre-order Pouch.

Pre-order Soft Pass Case.

Pre-order Smartphone Case.

Pre-order Carabiner.

Mini Purse only available in Japan.

Up next, Ditto has transformed into an A4 clear file (only available in Japan).

Who says Ditto couldn’t hold liquids? It can now, in various forms too.

Pre-order stainless steel bottle.

Pre-order tea cup.

Pre-order glass.

Ditto’s handkerchief is decorated with many different patterns of Ditto in a pink and purple color scheme.

Pre-order handkerchief.

The ultimate way to walk is here – Ditto slippers. The slippers are made from soft plush material.

Pre-order slippers.

Those long flights will never feel the same again, as Ditto has secures your head with this U shape cushion.

Pre-order U shape cushion / headrest.

Dress up in style in this Ditto themed hoodie jacket.

Pre-order hoodie jacket: Size M / Size L

Relive stress with Ditto by squeezing this squeezy Ditto mascot!

Pre-order the squeezy mascot

Last but not least, you can now wear a Ditto Cap that is made of soft plush material.

Pre-order the plush cap.

Looks good on plushies, too…

If you happen to visit any of the Pokemon Centers in Japan, make sure you grab some Ditto biscuits!

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