Dicey Dungeons Coming To Switch, Will Arrive Summer 2020 At Earliest

Dicey Dungeons Coming To Switch, Will Arrive Summer 2020 At Earliest

Indie developer Terry Cavanaugh (Super Hexagon, VVVVVV) has announced that his latest game Dicey Dungeons is heading for Nintendo Switch.

Dicey Dungeons is a deckbuilding rogue-like where you play as an animate six-sided die navigating through a deadly dungeon. Although it just released on Steam, Cavanaugh has confirmed that a Switch port is now in the works, releasing in Summer 2020 at earliest. You can read the dev team’s official statement about the port below:

I’m really happy to announce that both Switch and Mobile ports of Dicey Dungeons are underway!

It’s worth saying that these things can take some time to come together, and there’s currently no release date planned. I think we’re talking probably next summer at the earliest. It’s really, really important to me that every port of the game be at an extremely high standard – I don’t want there to be any bad version of the game.

There’s not really much more to say at this point, but when I have something to share, I will! Probably the first step towards this that people will see will be improved touch controls on the PC version, and well as keyboard and joypad controls as we figure out the best way to make this work on a Switch! Am really excited to see this all come together!

Check out a trailer below, along with some additional details from the game’s Steam page:


Become a giant walking dice and battle to the end of an ever-changing dungeon! Can you escape the cruel whims of Lady Luck?

In this new fast-paced deckbuilding roguelike from Terry Cavanagh (Super Hexagon, VVVVVV), Chipzel, and Marlowe Dobbe, you’ll fight monsters, find better loot, and level up your heroes as you work together to take down the Goddess of Fortune, Lady Luck herself. Balance your carefully planned strategies against the unknown of a dice roll.

Play as six different characters, each with their own unique play styles and abilities.

The Thief, who steals random enemy equipment every turn!
The Robot, who gains dice by playing a push-your-luck blackjack game!
The Inventor, overcome with inspiration, who must destroy their own equipment after each fight to get parts for powerful new gadgets!
and more!

Master each class and figure out which one best fits your style in this charming world filled with a growing array of twists and secrets.

Can you make it out alive? Maybe, but luck is definitely not on your side.

Six wildly different playable classes: Warrior, Thief, Robot, Jester, Inventor and Witch.
Dozens of enemies, ranging from Vacuum Cleaners that want to suck your blood, to creatures from Irish mythology, to suave malevolent snowmen.
A catchy, upbeat and energetic soundtrack by Chipzel (previously, the musician from Super Hexagon).
Beautiful and adorable artwork by Marlowe Dobbe.
Procedurally generated for endless play-throughs.

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