Discord: We Want To Buy The Rights To Waluigi

Discord: We Want To Buy The Rights To Waluigi

The official Twitter account of Discord, a voice chat and messaging app used by many gamers, has recently posted an interesting tweet that went viral with over 54,000 likes and 8,000 retweets.

In the tweet, Discord jokingly asked Nintendo if they can “buy the rights to Waluigi”. Waluigi is a character in the Super Mario series that many fans would like to see become part of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster, but unfortunately it hasn’t happened.

When asked whether Discord would make its way to Nintendo Switch, the official Twitter account responded it’d happen only if they secure rights to Waluigi.

Looks like they’re pretty optimistic of their chances:

The tweet Discord has put out is a joke designed to sap up attention from Waluigi fans. Nintendo will never ever sell the rights to Waluigi.

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