‘Doug Bowsette’ Has Started Trending On Twitter

‘Doug Bowsette’ Has Started Trending On Twitter

Recently, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime announced that he would be retiring – with his replacement being Doug Bowser.

Doug’s unique name isn’t exactly huge news to long-time Nintendo fans. Ever since he joined Nintendo as its Vice-President of Sales in 2016, fans have been making light jabs that ‘Mr. Bowser’ was now working at the company.

These jokes were made in a more innocent time, however. A time before the internet decided to go gaga over Bowsette – a female version of Bowser that looks like Princess Peach with fangs and an attitude.

Indeed, the hashtag ‘#DougBowsette‘ is now trending on Twitter in America. Nintendo fans are combining last year’s rampant Bowsette meme with Doug’s face. The results are as bizarre as you’d might expect – and you can check out some examples below.

While not exactly a squeaky-clean start to Doug Bowser’s upcoming position, at least Nintendo fans are staying positive in light of Reggie’s retirement. Let’s hope that Doug himself is taking all of this craziness in his stride, as well.