Dragon Quest Builders 2 Features Online Cross-Platform Play Between Switch and PS4

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Features Online Cross-Platform Play Between Switch and PS4

During this week’s Famitsu interview, Square Enix revealed an interesting detail about the game’s shared online-play functionality between the Switch and the PS4.

As it appears, DQB2’s Bulletin Board system is shared between both console versions of the game. This system functions as a way for players to share online the photos of the islands they have created. Also, the Bulletin Board permits other players checking out the photos posted to visit the world within them as well.

Here’s what Square Enix had to say:

“The Bulletin Board System uses the same Bulletin Board between PlayStation 4 and Switch. You can use user-created islands from either platform.”

More details below:

Take Pictures of Your Prided Work in Photo Mode

Dragon Quest Builders 2 includes a Photo Mode, through which you can take pictures of your prided works and beautiful landscapes. In this mode, you can change the point of view, zoom in and out, remove the protagonist from view, and freely take photos. Additionally, you can apply blurring and filters such as monochrome and sepia.

Post Your Photos on the Bulletin Board and Get Lots of Likes!

If you take a nice photograph, you can post it on the Bulletin Board. On the Bulletin Board, you can see other players’ photographs by connecting online. Works that are popular among other players, such as those that receive a lot of Likes!, will take up the most space and attract everyone’s attention. Additionally, by publishing a photo in a terrain set, other players will be able to visit the world of your photo. Photo contests that utilize the Bulletin Board are also planned to be held.