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Dragon Quest XI has been confirmed for release in the west | NintendoSoup
Dragon Quest XI has been confirmed for release in the west

Dragon Quest XI has been confirmed for release in the west

Dragon Quest XI’s release in the west has been confirmed in a way not many would have ever expected.

According to Gamer.nl, a Dutch PR company told the site that they are handling public relations for the western release of Dragon Quest XI. Thus, this confirms that the game will be heading to the west in the future.

What is not confirmed however, are the platforms that the game will release on and its launch date in the west. In Japan, Dragon Quest XI is scheduled to launch on July 29 for PS4 and Nintendo 3DS. A Nintendo Switch version is also in the works, but there’s no concrete date set for it yet.

We’ve reached out to Square-Enix for comment to listen to what they have to say on Dragon Quest XI.