Dragon Quest XI S For Nintendo Switch Will Receive A Demo

Dragon Quest XI S For Nintendo Switch Will Receive A Demo

Earlier today, Square Enix hosted a special livestream for the Dragon Quest Summer Festival, and revealed more details about the upcoming Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of An Elusive Age – Definitive Edition for Switch.

Firstly, a demo version of the game was announced. While a release date was not revealed, Square Enix confirmed that players who download the demo will receive a number of bonuses, including the following:

  • A “Skill Seed” for the full version of Dragon Quest XI S on Switch
  • A the premium hero card “The One Descended from Erdrick [S]” in the Switch version of Dragon Quest Rivals.

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Next, Square Enix also confirmed that the world of Dragon Quest Xadded to Dragon Quest XI S. This is part of the feature which allows players to visit the worlds of past Dragon Quest games, carried over from the 3DS version of Dragon Quest XI.

Next, Square Enix announced a special costume for the character Erik. This costume from the oneshot manga starring Erik that will be released on August 21st. It can be redeemed from a serial code which comes with “a certain book” but it was not confirmed which book that is.

Finally, Square Enix revealed a new addition to the “Draconian Quest” difficulty mode. The “Super Shypox” setting inflicts every party with “Shypox” instead of just the hero, randomly causing the entire party to get embarrassed and lose a turn.

Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age – Definitive Edition is scheduled to launch for Switch worldwide on September 27.

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