Dusk Diver Launches October 24 For Switch (Japan)

Dusk Diver Launches October 24 For Switch (Japan)

Dusk Diver will launch for PlayStation 4 and Switch on October 24 in Japan for 5,280 yen via publisher Justdan International.

First-print copies will include a rubber strap according to Japanese retail listings.

A special limited edition for both consoles will include seven tin badges, an art book, and a download code for additional costumes that will also be available for 8,580 yen.

The action RPG is is set for a global release this fall but there isn’t a set date yet. PQube is in charge of publishing duties in North America and Europe.

Here’s an overview of the game from the trailer description.

Dusk Diver is a vibrant action RPG which takes place in the iconic streets of Taipei’s Ximending district! When an unstable dimensional rift brings together Gods, Phantoms and Humans – headstrong high-school girl Yang Yumo must step up to protect the neighbourhood. Fight alongside guardians as part of a unique action-oriented combat system and expand your abilities by immersing yourself in the bustling streets, stores, personalities and even cuisines of Ximending. Coming to PS4 and Nintendo Switch in Autumn 2019!

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