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chy, jku, s8, Eastasiasoft Confirms Partnership With Funbox Media To Bring More Of Their Games Physically To The West | NintendoSoup
Eastasiasoft Confirms Partnership With Funbox Media To Bring More Of Their Games Physically To The West

Eastasiasoft Confirms Partnership With Funbox Media To Bring More Of Their Games Physically To The West

Earlier, a new retail listing for Eastasiasoft’s Waifu Uncovered popped up online – with Funbox Media as the publisher. We could only speculate what this meant at the time, but now it seems we have official news that both companies are actually working together!

Eastasiasoft recently confirmed that it was indeed partnering with Funbox Media to publish more of its titles physically in the west. According to Eastasiasoft, this selection of physical releases will defer from its usual Limited Edition line-up so far (e.g. Moero Crystal, Murder By Numbers, etc.)

Presently, both companies have not actually confirmed Waifu Uncovered as one of their physical releases. We’ll report back when we hear more in the near future.