eBay tries its hands at limiting SNES classic scalping

eBay tries its hands at limiting SNES classic scalping

Previously, we have reported that Amazon UK had tried its hands at preventing scalping of Nintendo’s upcoming SNES Classic. For Amazon, it was limiting the SNES Classic to only one per head. According to Eurogamer (link), eBay is taking another approach.

“We will remove listings for pre-release items and accessories if the release date of the item is more than 30 days away,” the spokesperson said.

For eBay, they are restricting any listing of the SNES Classic until one month before the console’s launch. On its part, eBay has also removed any listing of the SNES classic before 29th August 2017.

While the measure seems to only delay the inevitable; we are likely to see the problem re-arise late August. At least eBay tried its hands to prevent scalpers from flooding marked-up consoles into the market even before it is release.

SNES Classic releases 29 September 2017. North America and Europe/Japan designs differ.

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