Eevee And Slowpoke Visit New Ginger Museum

Eevee And Slowpoke Visit New Ginger Museum

Although Pokemon Let’s GO Eevee has been officially announced, Eevee has continued to visit many companies across Japan. This time, Eevee has brought along Slowpoke to visit New Ginger Museum in Tochigi, Japan.

As the name implies, New Ginger Museum is a museum that puts the spotlight on ginger. Visitors get to learn about the amazing plant and try out ginger beer, ginger white chocolate, ginger chips, and many other ginger flavored food.

Before the arrival of both Pokemon, New Ginger Museum prepared a special dish for Slowpoke to try out – Slowpoke Tail, made from premium Iwashita ginger.

Iwashita CEO and President was present to guide Eevee and Slowpoke around the museum!

The trio enjoyed taking many funny photos. Here’s all three of them dressed up as ginger.

Both Pokemon also learned more about Iwashita’s products.

Check out more photos from Slowpoke and Eevee’s field trip to New Ginger Museum below.