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Goes On A Field Trip To More Food Companies | NintendoSoup
Eevee Goes On A Field Trip To More Food Companies

Eevee Goes On A Field Trip To More Food Companies

Late last month, Eevee went on a field trip to two companies in the food and beverage field to learn more about how things work.

The companies are Imuraya, best known for their Azuki flavor ice-cream, and Marufuku Foods, a company that manufactures processed food such as jelly.

Below you can find videos of Eevee’s outing at both companies, as well as photo galleries for each field trip.


Eevee struggles to use the tablet.

Imuraya’s corporate mascot looks from afar!

Eevee’s too fat to enter the door..

Trying to push through..

Marufuku Foods

Marufuku Foods President thinks Eevee looks like a round jelly.

Eevee passes through a vinyl curtain for the first time!

Cooling itself down with a fan… looks fun.

Observing how the production line runs.

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