Eevee Becomes A Pro Wrestler On April Fools Day

Eevee Becomes A Pro Wrestler On April Fools Day

Besides renaming a Japanese prefecture into Slowpoke-ken, The Pokemon Company pulled off a second April Fools Day stunt.

This time round, Eevee has been added as a pro wrestler on the official New Japan Pro-Wrestling website, standing proudly with fellow human professional wrestlers who fight for a living. The furry Pokemon even got its own profile page, which we have translated below..

Unit: Project Eevee

Height: 30cm

Weight: 6.5kg

Date of birth: ???

Birthplace: Mofumofu Land

Blood type: ???

Debut: Pokemon Red / Green

Special technique: Baby-Doll Eyes, Take Down, Double-Edge, Extreme Evoboost

Entrance theme: Eevee Kaeki Song

Main title: Mofumofu Level Throne

The website then explained the reason why Eevee enrolled into New Japan Pro-Wrestling – to find out the chances of Eevee evolving, according to the organization’s president. Eevee will fight pro wrestler EVIL on April 1 (the guy on Eevee’s left).