Eevee Visits Takara Tomy And Shibuya 109

Eevee Visits Takara Tomy And Shibuya 109

This week, The Pokemon Company brought Eevee to two locations as part of its company field trip – Takara Tomy and Shibuya 109.

At Takara Tomy headquarters, Eevee was introduced to the company’s various Pikachu products…

Got ambushed…

And even had a look at Takara Tomy’s old lineup of Eevee Collection plushies! They begged Eevee to let the company reprint these plushies.

Looks like the deal was sealed! They’re going to bring it back to the market!

Mofu Mofu hug time.

And here’s Eevee looking at an upcoming product releasing later this month.

Moving on, Eevee visited Shibuya 109, a famous shopping mall in Tokyo, Japan. Here’s Eevee checking out Nicoron, one of the stores there..

Looks like the shoes don’t fit.

Time to take some photos inside a photo booth!

Eevee poses for the camera…

Here’s the end result.

Check out more photos of Eevee’s trips to Shibuya 109 and Takara Tomy in the gallery below.

Takara Tomy

Shibuya 109