Egg Boy Video Becomes A Minecraft Scene

Egg Boy Video Becomes A Minecraft Scene

Earlier this week, a terrorist attack took place in Christchurch, New Zealand which left 49 people dead. The attack drew outrage and shocked the world.

After the incident, Australian senator Fraser Anning published some really hurting and racist comments that enraged people from all over the world. Australian teenager Will Connolly, who was so outraged by the senator’s comments, decided to smash an egg on Anning’s head. The video of the egg attack went viral and Connolly was later nicknamed “Egg Boy”.

Sive Morten, a video editor, decided to use his skills to remake the scene in the world of Minecraft, depicting the senator as a Creeper and Egg Boy as a player. Watch it below:

Here’s the original video, in case you are curious:

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